Session 6 - Gainful Employment

Session Date: 26 February 2017

“Boring s**t happened. Then we went underground.” — Shankill’s succinct summary

After their meeting with Magistrate Jermyn (actually Zania Tansden in disguise), the Flaming Fists released Edwynd, Shankill, Lanneth, and Lelldraen. The party returned to the Golden Flagon Inn, where they reunited with Snipit. Over dinner, the five companions caught each other up on the day’s events and discussed what to do next. The party decided that this would be the last night they would spend in the Golden Flagon, as too many people knew where they were staying; they would lodge aboard the Highwind going forward.

While they were talking, a messenger arrived with a note for Lanneth.

Mistress Lanneth Innel,
From Artur Harlon, Trademaster, Torgott Mercantile Company

Tradehouse Bannon accepts your offer. Please meet me at the warehouse as soon as you can.

— Harlon

When morning came, the companions split up to follow their own agendas.

Lanneth arrived at the Torgott Mercantile warehouse to meet with the Trademaster. Harlon, anxious for the party to fulfill their promise to clean up the mess that they made, asked her where her companions were. Lanneth promised to get them, but that they had pressing business to discuss first. They discussed how he would bring the party in as outside agents to investigate the warehouse staff, and negotiated pay. Then she left, heading for the Highwind.

Edwynd, growing into his role as captain, visited Harbormaster Mardon to ask about berthing fees for the Highwind. He also asked him to recommend a shipwright who could make needed modifications to the ship (especially in converting the slave pens into functional accommodations). Harbormaster Mardon recommended a shipwright named Vessar. Edwynd thanked the Harbormaster and left, visiting Master Vessar and enlisting his services.

Snipit, taking charge of getting Lelldraen to safety, had the drow transform into a mouse so that he could carry him to the druid grove. The gnome asked Archdruid Nessin if Lelldraen could stay with him for a while. Nessin, eager for the company, agreed. Having done his part to ensure that no one in the city knew the drow’s whereabouts, Snipit headed back to the ship.

Shankill could not think of anything better to do, so he boarded the Highwind, found a bottle, and drank.

Lanneth arrived at the Highwind, but ran into an unforeseen problem: Since she had joined the party after the rest of them arrived in the city, the Harbor Guard did not know her. She attempted to bluff her way onto the ship, claiming to be a “working girl”, but the guards did not believe her. But bribery worked where deception did not. This was Amn, after all.

Later that afternoon, Snipit and Edwynd returned to the ship after completing their morning errands. Soon afterward, everyone but Snipit debarked, heading for the warehouse to fulfill their promise to clean up the mess that they left behind. As they spied Lanneth, two very confused harbor guards shared a look as she walked past them. Arriving at the warehouse, the trio got to work. Between Lanneth’s magic and Shankill’s unrelenting fury, they had the warehouse clean within a couple of hours.

Once the trio returned to the Highwind, Snipit and Edwynd set out on another errand: Edwynd wanted to acquire an animal companion. Deciding that there was little chance of finding the type of animal he wanted in the druid grove, Edwynd asked if there was a way of getting to the countryside surrounding Athkatla without attracting too many prying eyes. Fortunately, Snipit knew exactly whom to call upon.

Heading for the docks, the duo found Vint the water taxi pilot. The excitable gnome was happy to drop them off in the forest outside the city and pick them up the next morning — happier still when the duo flashed gold around. Snipit and Edwynd camped out in the forest overnight, and when Vint returned the next morning to gather them, he found himself with a new passenger: a wolf that Edwynd had named Gypsy.

After breakfast, the party (sans Lelldraen) reported to the Torgott Mercantile warehouse. It was time to get to work.

Trademaster Harlon brought the party into his office, closed the doors, and began to discuss a strategy for having the party investigate the warehouse staff without any of them catching on to their real purpose (hopefully). The Trademaster proposed announcing to the employees that the warehouse would be expanding into nighttime operations, and that the party were new hires that would eventually take over the night shift. The party agreed that this was a good plan. However, before Harlon could execute it, the party noticed a breeze in his office that should not be there. Searching meticulously, the party discovered that the breeze was coming from behind the bookcase.

Soon, Shankill wrenched open a secret door, and the party found themselves staring down a tunnel that led off into blackness.

The bewildered and scared Trademaster insisted that this matter took highest priority. When the party pressed him about who had access to the office, Harlon realized that his receptionist, Rhodan Fell, had to be complicit in whatever was going on at the warehouse. In turn, the party realized that this tunnel had to be the way that Zann Oden had escaped from their earlier confrontation. Now hot on the trail, the foursome gathered their belongings and descended into the dark.

Session 6 - Gainful Employment

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