Session 4 - Reunions and Revelations

Session Date: 15 January 2017

As the sun began to set, Snipit and Edwynd left the druid grove and returned to the Golden Flagon Inn. As Edwynd turned aside to order a drink from the bar, Snipit went upstairs to check on his companions. Although there was still no response from Lelldraen, Shankill had finally awoken. They returned to the common room to get dinner.

As Snipit and Shankill descended the stairs into the common room, Lanneth Innel entered the Golden Flagon. Recognizing each other from their prior travels, Lanneth and Snipit embraced, and soon the four friends were eating dinner together, sharing stories of what had happened to them since Baldur’s Gate.

A teetotaler, Lanneth had managed to avoid the fate of her companions by not drinking the tainted ale that had laid them low. She returned from the privy just in time to find the Highwind’s crew taking them away. As a young sorceror just starting to understand her abilities, she dared not confront them, but instead used her spycraft to trail the crew to their ship. Her subsequent investigations traced the Highwind to Amn — and its captain to the Golden Flagon Inn.

After dinner, the party retired to their rooms upstairs to plan. The time was drawing near for them to meet the mysterious “Z” in the warehouse and trigger the Zhentarim trap.

After some discussion, the party settled on their plan: Edwynd and Shankill would disguise themselves as the Highwind’s crew, while Lanneth and Snipit would pretend to be their prisoners. In addition, the party would leave Lelldraen in the safety of the inn, but would take a lock of his hair as “proof of life” in order to negotiate a better deal with “Z”. They went to Lelldraen‘s room to tell him the plan. Snipit transformed into a mouse and crept under the door, spooking the drow, and opened the door from the inside to let his companions in. Edwynd tried (and failed) to take Lelldraen’s hair by stealth, but after Lanneth explained the plan and asked nicely for it, Lelldraen consented.

Darkness settled in on the city as the party left the inn, headed for the docks. As they approached the warehouse, the party found a side alley where they prepared their ruse. The party exited the alley, Shankill in the lead, Lanneth and Snipit pretending to be bound prisoners in the middle, and Edwynd bringing up the rear. As they approached the warehouse, an object flashed down from the rooftop above them — a Harper token. They looked up, and a Harper scout waved. At least the Harpers had fulfilled their end of the arrangement.

A single door — one half of the huge cargo doors fronting the dockside — was open. The party marched through the open door into the warehouse, where a lone female figure awaited them. Slightly paler than Lelldraen, and with hair nearly as white, she identified herself as “Z”. Upon hearing this, the party attacked — but, curiously, the woman made no attempt to fight back. It didn’t take long before Shankill landed a solid blow, but his attack passed through the figure, revealing it to be an illusion. As the party started wrecking nearby cargo crates to find the source of the illusion, “Z” could contain herself no longer, and doubled over with laughter. Eventually, the party stopped.

The woman identified herself as Zania Tansden, and claimed to represent the Zhentarim in Amn. She regretted the need for deceit, but she had anticipated that the party would attack right away, and thus used the illusion to protect herself. Immediately, she asked where the drow (Lelldraen) was. Edwynd produced the lock of hair, offering her Lanneth and Snipit now, with the promise to deliver Lelldraen later. Zania countered, claiming that all Edwynd had was a lock of hair — and that this negotiation was pointless, anyway, since she was not the “Z” that they were looking for.

The party did a double-take at that last bit.

Zania explained that she did not order the kidnapping. She offered to give the party the identity of the “Z” who wanted them captured, but warned that the information would not be provided free of charge. However, before Zania could deliver her pitch, there was a scream from outside, and the door to the warehouse’s office area banged open. Right away, two twin elven bounty hunters, a mage, and several thugs entered the warehouse, along with a dark-skinned dreadlocked human male.

“Zania,” the dark figure growled. “Zann. I should have known,” Zania replied. As Zania’s illusion winked out of existence, Zann ordered the bounty hunters to fulfill their contract. And, as he withdrew, battle was joined.

At first, Zann‘s minions sorely pressed the party. The mage did considerable damage at first, and the bounty hunters kept Edwynd and Shankill busy while the thugs looked for opportunities to take down the other two. Lanneth nearly fell during the fight. But, bolstered by Snipit’s healing magic, the party turned the tide, dispatching nearly all of their enemies — Shankill dispatching his enemies in a particularly brutal manner — and causing one thug to run screaming into the night.

As the session ended, the victorious party stood in the bloody warehouse, their foes lying in bloody heaps around them.

Session 4 - Reunions and Revelations

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